Running an E-Commerce site might be the perfect endeavor for you, your company or your organization. Chances are, you’re right. But, before jumping in and waiting for the sales, there are a few steps you should take along with some features you should take advantage of. Be sure to utilize the following tools, features and tips when setting up your E-Commerce site.

Show Them What They’re Buying

When adding products to your e-store, be sure to include specifications and actual photos of the products. It’s easy for online consumers to be skeptical of online stores (especially those from the older generation). By taking the time to show your customers what they’re purchasing, you’re giving them a reason to trust you. Being up front is always a solid busy strategy. It’s no different in your online store.

Keep it Simple

Customers are looking for convenience, you can provide this. Give your customers options when it comes to payments; accept various forms. Make your store easy to search and navigate. Keep clutter to a minimum.

It doesn’t take long for an online customer to lose interest. By keeping your store simple and sticking to the basics, you’re making it more user-friendly with every click.

Use Your Social Networks

Chances are that, as a business owner, you have pre-established social networks and e-mail lists. Take advantage of them! Social HubSite’s E-Commerce theme allows you to link your store to your other social networking sites, and to invite contacts, friends and followers from those sites. This increases your site’s views and increases the potential for sales.

Bring Them Back

Any customer or purchase is great. But, what’s better? Repeat business from satisfied customers. The best part? You can create this repeat business, or at least make it more likely. Create alerts (easily done through e-mail marketing tools) that inform customers on your e-mail list of upcoming sales and promotions. Make specials and send out codes that reward past customers.

Staying in contact with deals and promotions brings you business back to the forefront of your customers’ minds. Don’t miss this important step.

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