I’ve said it once…okay maybe a few times more than that…before, but here’s the thing: your committee members are BUSY.

They likely spend a lot of time doing things that have nothing to do with your non-profit association – they work full time hours, they have families, they have favorite activities. The time they invest in your association is above and beyond; it’s because it matters to them, because they want to do something for the greater good of their industry, a cause, or something similar.

Some of your committee members may also be part of your staff. They’re responsible for planning events, for keeping everyone on track and for multiple other duties; they’re busy, they’re working hard and they’re doing what it takes to keep your non-profit moving in the right direction.

So…adding another responsibility, something new to learn, might not be received with an exceptional level of enthusiasm. You might encounter some doubters, some with concerns and other reactions that you’re not expecting because you’re excited, you see the vision.

What do you do? Where do you start? Let us make it simple for you!

Think About Their Perspectives

Remember everything I just mentioned? Good…keep dwelling on it for a second.

Remember that you aren’t the one who will be implementing the change; you’ll be a part of it, but, just like you don’t manage each committee, this won’t be totally in your hands.

Just keep it in mind as you present your new endeavor. Now, onto step 2.

Be Informative

Instead of a “hey…we’ll be moving to Social HubSite for all committee communication next week,” start softer.

Share what Social HubSite is all about, why you looked at it in the first place. Talk about its benefits and its capabilities. Have questions about what those are? Talk to us; we’re here to partner with you during the implementation process and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Show them the site and the demo. Information generates excitement rather than trepidation.

Open Up the Conversation

Pass the ball on to your committee members. Ask them about their frustrations with how committees are currently being managed, then share how Social HubSite might alleviate these troubles.

Most importantly, allow them to ask questions. Set up meetings, in person or over the phone – however your committees currently operate – and be willing to talk about your new system, why you’re trying something new and why it benefits them.

Share the Benefits

I’ve danced around it a bit, but here’s the thing – the main selling point. If your committees don’t understand why the community will benefit them, they’ll be resistant from day one.

A few thoughts to share:

Social HubSite saves time.
How much time do your committee members spend trying to agree via mass emails, or to schedule calls based around everyone’s schedule? When that communication is handled through a central tool, everyone will benefit through time savings.

Document sharing has never been easier.
Committees need documents to be effective. After each meeting, minutes probably need to be approved, which can be a motion in itself (almost a second meeting!). Your non-profit also probably takes the time to email documents, which your committee members are responsible for storing – this makes room for errors, which means they probably have to ask for the same document time and time again. But, because of Social HubSite’s document sharing and storing capabilities, this trouble can be eliminated.

Project management has been simplified.
Your committee members are go-getters. They’re probably more than willing to step up to the plate when work needs done. But, they probably also struggle to stay on task because of the size of the projects they’re willing to tackle. Social HubSite’s project management tools allow members to assign tasks, to communicate about those tasks and to get things done.

Communication doesn’t have to be a chore.
Just to elaborate on time savings – because Social HubSite allows committee members to communicate individually or to groups, it saves time and makes things as easy as possible. Simple is always better.

Distractions can be eliminated.
You may have tried the groups function within larger social media networks – I don’t even have to share names, you know where I’m going. But, because those groups are designed with advertisers and other business functions in mind, there are too many distractions and too many of the wrong tools available. Social HubSite is designed for non-profit associations and their committee members, by a team with experience in the non-profit world. This means that there are no distractions, just pure functionality within the communities we help you create.

Put simply; your community members will benefit from the features available in Social HubSite. By sharing these benefits, your committee members may be more willing to jump right in.

Go All In

When something is done half way, it causes more frustrations and is less likely to be effective and useful in the long run.

To help facilitate the process, go all in. Import your committee members and let them know that this is where the information they need will be located going forward. When they have to log in, they’re more likely to do so and will become more familiar with the tools inside Social HubSite – therefore more comfortable – in the process.

Be Enthusiastic

You’re excited for a reason: Social HubSite IS exciting!

This means that your enthusiasm is key; remember, enthusiasm is contagious!

Share the benefits, share that you’ll be using Social HubSite to make your committee members’ lives easier. Most importantly, make sure you mitigate doubts and negativity. Be excited and your committee members will get there, even if it takes a little time.

Remember, the best things take time. To simplify your committee management and to take your non-profit to the next level, Social HubSite is a necessity. Take the steps above to spread the hype to your committee members!

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