You’ve invited your committee members into your Social HubSite community because they are critical to the functioning of your non-profit association. They’re your bread and butter; they’re what keep your association moving forward in a cohesive manner.

Because of this, you probably see education as last on your list of priorities…if it even makes the list at all.

Why should you educate those who are already involved with your non-profit? What do they need to know that they don’t already? Why is this a part of your community management strategy at all?

Let’s get back to the basics.

Think About Your Committee Members

Who are they? How long have they been a part of your non-profit? What makes them stick around?

Your committee members are representative of the rest of your association. They may be more involved and more vested in your operations, but, they’re still members.

Something drew them in. Something drove them to join a committee. They’re important.

They’re also probably busy. Chances are, they have full-time working lives outside of your non-profit association meetings and events. Sure, some of your committee members may be employees; but, many are probably external.

This means that you need to be their resource. The information they need to be effective players on your committees needs to come from you and from your Social HubSite community.

That’s Why Online Education Matters

I’m not telling you to tell them facts about your non-profit, or your mission. I’m telling you to keep them in the loop. That’s what online community education stands for.

Ways to accomplish this include:

  • Sharing updates right away. You might have an email blast system in place when you have something to announce, but, why not bring your committee members into the early stages of that announcement? Share important information with them first; ask them to help distribute it and stand behind it. Make them feel privileged.
  • Post relevant news. What does your non-profit stand for? Why do you do what you do? Chances are, current events sometimes relate to your mission. Take the time to share this information – positive or negative – with committee members.
  • Be specific. Committees have tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis. But, if they’re not sure of what needs to happen, or how to make it happen, they might spend more time floundering in the dark than they need to. Provide education up front – background information, dates, task lists and so on, to empower them to go forward.
  • Share documents. How often do you have to send the same articles as email attachments to various committee members? What if you could store all of those important documents in one place, that your committee members could find at any time, without having to come to you in the first place? Social HubSite makes this possible.

What other ways can you think of to provide the information and education that your committee members need to take their project management, planning and other strategic actions to a more effective level? How can you be the best support possible during the process?

Part of community management – an essential part of online community management – relates back to education. When someone is educated, they’re empowered; they’re able to go forward and make a difference both for your non-profit association and the outside world.

Are you properly equipping your committees? Ready to start? Launch your Social HubSite today!


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