Chances are you understand the importance of a strong website. It’s the first glimpse your potential customers and/or followers will get of your business…it’s an important first impression that could make your break you in many ways.

Maybe you’ve even started searching for options or even talking to website developers. While a great option, using professionals can be expensive, lengthy undertakings. Having learned that, perhaps you’ve started to try to build your own website. Free options exist that offer exclusive “drag and drop” options, but the limits they place on your creativity may be hindering your results.

If you fall into either of these categories, it’s probable that you’ve come across WordPress sites or have at least heard of the term. Great…you’re onto something.

But, if you’re just starting out in the website designing world, the options WordPress sites offer may seem overwhelming. This is where a step by step guide to creating a WordPress site (along with a program that offers the support you need for any questions you may have!) is essential.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Research WordPress Site Options

Look for sites that give you options while providing the support you need to get started. If you have questions, you need a real person to provide answers. Chances are, a fee will be required, so think more about the offerings. Sites like allow pro users to develop and host their sites on their network while customizing plugins, colors and other features.

2. Pick Your WordPress Template

Think about your goals and find a template that’s appropriate. Think about the layout; you want something clean and modern. Think about your color scheme what information you’re looking to share and go from there.

3. Start Customizing Your WordPress Site

Upload your logo. Customize your color scheme…make your site yours. It’s your way to communicate or even make a sale without a face-to-face conversation.  Don’t wait, do it while the thoughts are fresh in your mind! Create a post and get started immediately.

Building a WordPress site does not need to be an overwhelming task. It can be fun! Check out the steps above and get started today!

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