You’ve probably heard that you need to “build an email list” and you need to “go viral”. This way you have a list of people to attract to your brand through additional campaigns (i.e. email offers, blog posts, etc.). At the same time you need to focus on the quality of your email list. Setting up static landing pages (or single pages with a strong call-to-action) does not, by itself, leverage the power of social media sharing. Hence the evolution to the “Social Landing Page”. A social landing page is simply a page, or small website, that focuses on providing an incentive for visitors to share your content with their contacts in return for a reward, or possibility of receiving a reward, when the people they forward your to also forward to their contacts. Hence the viral nature of a social landing page.

The overall goal of a social landing page is to generate new, quality, email addresses that you can use to market your product, service, blog, etc. In this live webinar, we will show you exactly how to create a social landing page using Social HubSite. We’ve made it extremely easy to setup a social landing page through our turnkey platform. The best part is, as a member of Social HubSite, you can create as many social landing pages as you need!

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