There are sometimes when text won’t cut it when it comes to communicating your message effectively to customers and fans. This is where it makes sense to create a video blog. The key behind creating a video blog is making sure that you have not only the way to record videos, but also to distribute your message to both your email list and to your social networking accounts. Luckily, here at Social HubSite, we have developed a turnkey social website platform making it easy to create a video blog in seconds. Below is a short list of features built into our turnkey video blog platform.

Key Features Built Into Turnkey Video Blog Platform

  • Point and click video recording and posting (no need to deal with the hassle of uploading and embedding code)
  • Email collection form (stores emails right inside of your website database)
  • Automated email marketing campaigns for new posts (You can override which posts get emailed, but overall this is a huge time saver)
  • Simple and clean design (puts more emphasis on the video content)
  • Social media sharing tools (share posts directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

Below is a short video overview to show you how to create a video blog using Social HubSite.

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