Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to simply share your expertise? Considered running a paid membership website in the past, but weren’t sure how to get it started? Think of all the knowledge you have gained over the years. Are you being compensated for sharing that knowledge? The great news is that getting paid for sharing your expertise isn’t hard. To top that off it doesn’t have to be time consuming either. In this live webinar, we are going to show you exactly how to create a pay-for-access membership website.

There are many paid membership models out there. We will be covering a publishing model where essentially your members will pay to access premium content (videos, etc.) that you post on the website. The best part is that we’ve married the membership platform with out video blog platform making it super easy to record and post a new video for your members. There is no need to worry about embed code or more importantly, uploading and protecting your video content from the outside world. All videos that you add into the website are private and only show on your site. The other great aspect that you will see in this presentation is that there is very little configuration to get started. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to be up and running.

Here are just a few points that will be covered in the paid membership website presentation:

  • Psychology behind why people will sign up for your membership site
  • How to setup your paid membership platform
  • Review initial setup steps
  • How to make a killer sales page
  • How to setup your membership pricing
  • How to publish a video post
  • Initial marketing steps you can take to gain new members right away!

You can go to that page to ask any questions during that time. After the live webinar, we will post a recording of the event right here on this page.

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