An idea crowdsourcing community is a critical tool for getting feedback and ideas on bettering your product or service. It removes the barrier of what you think your customers want, versus what they actually want. Giving your customers a voice and making them feel a part of the improvement to your product or service is not only critical in the long-term relationship with them, but it will also help you identify gaps that your product or service is not filling.

The benefits to an idea crowdsourcing community are obvious. The challenge in getting one off the ground and maintaining a high level of engagement from customers over the long-term depends on your ability to keep them engaged. Inside of your idea crowdsourcing community here at Social HubSite, you can add the Subscribe2 plugin. It will allow you to import email subscribers and will add any new members (from site registration) of your community right into your email list. This comes in handy when you want to launch the community to your contacts. It also comes in handy to promote specific ideas. Once members come to your idea crowdsourcing community they will be able to vote on ideas, share their comments/suggestions and much more.

Check out the video below to learn how to setup this integration. Of course, if you need direct assistance, you can go to and ask your Social HubSite advisor for assistance.

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