UnityThe company landscape and operational structure of today is different from the norm of even 3 years ago. Very few companies exist with a single office location in which all employees work 9-5. It’s changed. Today, employees spend more time on the go and out of office than ever, it’s common for employees of a single company to work across the country or out of it on a regular basis or to telecommute full time. Flexibility reigns supreme and it’s for a good reason; not everyone works the same way or thrives in the same atmosphere, for a company to be most effective, it must allow its employees to function according to their individual needs and strengths. The companies that recognize this have seen growth over the past few years.

However, an atmosphere that allows for flexibility (and even those that are more stringent), can be accompanied by inherent limitations. One of the biggest? Getting employees to function as a team, to promote the same brand message and values while working toward the same goals. For this to happen, communication must be an ongoing effort. Luckily, technology exists that makes this more possible than ever; smart phones, tablets and other devices make staying connected a given. But, is that enough? Probably not.

For a company with a structure that’s not standard, finding a way to enable communication and unity is critical. We get it. For that reason, we’ve released a new platform, “Company HubSite.” It’s a game changer.

Company HubSite creates an online environment that keeps staff on the same page, connected more than ever before. With features that allow for real-time messaging, video sharing, departmental groups and update capabilities, an activity log and a shared calendar, the platform allows employees to communicate on an ongoing basis in a natural style that creates unity and promotes brand awareness and connections.

If you’re looking for a way to connect your employees, without breaking the bank, check out Company HubSite. Have questions? Contact us today!

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