In today’s realm of social media, traditional sites break down walls daily as they pertain to privacy. With users sharing mundane daily details through 500 tweets a day, posting photos, status updates and checking in at every public location they happen to stop by, in many cases, privacy has gone by the wayside.

While this may appeal to many users…it presents some challenges. With various demographics using social networks, and various discussion topics, in some cases, privacy may be valued. On traditional social networking sites, this can be close to impossible to find.

High-Profile Participants

In some communities, participation level is important. If your community has high-profile members (from local community government to full-blown celebrities), increased privacy may increase participation and overall engagement.

When members are free to create real-life profiles and share stories about themselves that go beyond public tweets and newsflashes, the level of engagement the entire community benefits. When there are high-profile members, ensuring privacy can be extremely beneficial.

Sensitive Subject Matter

Just as important as in the case of high-profile community members, certain community types may discuss or even revolve around sensitive subjects.

An example of a community of this type that I work frequently with would be churches. Religion can be a topic that members are hesitant to openly discuss on public social networking sites. Politics, alternative lifestyle choices, even communities that discuss parenting…these communities often benefit from extensive privacy features and options.

Privileged Information

Perhaps your community discusses information that you’re simply not comfortable sharing with the world…or maybe it’s a benefit that you’d only like community members or participants in a certain group to be privy too.

Social networking sites often make sharing information of this type tedious and difficult. It doesn’t have to be.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your members, discussions and/or general information, look into setting up a Private Social HubSite today. One step back into privacy may create giant leaps for the future of your online community.

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