According to a recent study, social media integration results in 135% more traffic for companies who make the effort.

This is big…if you’re involved in the world of social media, or business at all for that matter, you know this. More traffic means more exposure, more publicity and most of all, more business and therefore money-making potential.

But, there’s a built-in problem. Today, many social media sites are built to stand alone. What’s posted on one site (outside of simple status updates), cannot be shared across multiple platforms. These sites are inherently limited, which means your potential for growth is limited as well.

You can change this, and as this recent study, performed by MECLABS demonstrates, you should…today.

Use The Right Platform

Yes, chances are great that your company should have a presence on well-known, traditional social media sites. They’re important and useful (depending on your goals of course). However, I’ve mentioned it before: these sites are built to provide distractions. They lead users down multiple rabbit trails, ranging from ads to user profiles and status updates…this means they are created with the purpose of pulling your potential followers, members, clients and customers away from you.

The solution is to find a platform that puts you at the front and center—a platform that allows you to brand your content. But, here’s the catch. You must be able to link out.

Some of your followers will still be on the other sites. You will never change that. Because of this, the platform you choose must be able to link to sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even FourSquare. By finding a site that allows this sort of integration, you’re reaching out by bringing members in. (Think: branch out to grow in).

Don’t Forget E-mail Marketing

While your content and posts should be shared across multiple mediums, e-mail marketing is an equally important part of the equation.

Your users check their inboxes more frequently than daily, in fact, the majority of your target demographic probably carries their email around with them on a smart phone everywhere. This means you should reach out to your followers and clients where they already are: their inbox.

Look for a platform that allows you to automatically send content and updates to your users’ inboxes. By sending interactive content and allowing responses from mobile devices, you’re making yourself that much more accessible.

Integration matters…it’s the direction business is moving in. If you’re not taking the time to make it happen, you’re losing out. Time matters, and integrating your content demonstrates that you understand and value the time of your users. Take the time to make it happen today!

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