Internal Communication Enhancement

When searching for a way to increase camaraderie and productiveness among your employees, you’ve probably considered traditional methods: team building activities, office incentives, friendly competitions and more. But, have you thought about how to utilize the one thing your employees probably spend the majority of their day in front of? What about using computer technology to create unity on an ongoing, regular basis?

Social networking is probably your last thought. In fact, you probably see traditional social networks as a way to interrupt business operations, a detriment to productivity. It doesn’t have to be the case. Because your employees are accustomed to social media sites and the features they offer, they’re used to operating and sharing online. They know how to communicate online (possibly even more effectively than in person) and they understand the importance of connections. Is there a way to combine your need to increase workplace productivity that incorporates your staff’s affinity for social networking?

Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise social networks or ESNs are the new “in” for companies spanning multiple industries. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of this year, 90 percent of Fortune 500 Companies will be using them on a regular basis. So, what are they?

ESNs are networks that combine traditional intranets with social media technologies. They provide a way for employees to connect in new ways, instantly and from any location while sharing important company information, allowing for document sharing and more. Not only are they highly-functional, they’re becoming highly essential for companies looking for ways to grow into the future.

ESN Features

While the features needed by each company vary, below are a few of the most effective:

  • Legal/HR Document/Policy Handbook storage,
  • Uploading and storage of documents for remote access and editing,
  • Shared editing capabilities,
  • Photo sharing and tagging,
  • Instant messaging,
  • Traditional email,
  • Workflow documents and instructions,
  • Board document storage,
  • Video and traditional content blog creation and sharing,
  • Privacy features, and more.

Custom ESNs

While many companies offer “out of the box” enterprise social networks, these are inherently ineffective. Each company in each industry has different needs, different areas of focus and different workplace settings.

This is why working with a custom ESN developer is essential. By working with a team like Social HubSite, you’ll be sure to get the features you need (even if you haven’t thought of them yet). We understand the importance of social networks and have seen the advantages they can bring to the workplace. Contact us today to learn more.

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