Recently, we interviewed the co-founder of Unbounce, Oli Gardner, on Experts On Issues on the topic of landing pages. Oli shared must-know concepts on how to use landing pages to get visitors to take action. For associations, learning the concepts that Oli shares is absolutely critical to optimize campaigns for new member acquisition, event promotion and member engagement.

Landing pages give visitors the opportunity to focus specifically on a single action you want them to take. Think about getting registrations for upcoming CE classes, upcoming trade shows or new member registrations.

The interview above will give you everything you need to create landing pages that maximize conversions for your association. You’ll also learn more about how Unbounce makes creating landing pages extremely easy and without any technical knowledge.

Unbounce is also integrates directly into your Social HubSite. You’ll be able to create your landing pages using Unbounce and automatically publish them to your Social HubSite. This supports the idea of keeping all of your association communication centralized and effective.

If you are already a Social HubSite client, be sure to ask your community advisor about the Unbounce add-on and to get it setup for your association at no additional charge.

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