The question that seems to come up all the time is, how does someone go from a few customers and fans to thousands or even millions of customers and fans in a relatively short period of time? How do certain bloggers seem to generate a huge following? For those of you that already have a blog that you are trying to use to propel your brand forward, you probably have or are experiencing the pain of keeping people engaged or getting them to take the next step.

Well the good news is that there are no magic tricks or secrets. In the interview below you will learn how to build a real following of customers and fans (or otherwise known as a “Brand Community”) with a little bit of time, focus and getting your hands dirty.

Meet Lincoln Murphy, founder of Sixteen Ventures. Since 2006, Lincoln has established himself as an authority in the software-as-a-service (SAAS) industry. He didn’t do it by taking short cuts or spending a ridiculous amount of money. He became well known as a SAAS expert by not being afraid to speak his mind and knowing who to talk to. So enough with the introduction, let’s dive in…

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