Non-profits need to be extremely careful when it comes to how they allocate their time and resources.

Too many times, non-profits get stuck in unnecessary staff meetings or email strings that take away from valuable time with potential donors. Knowing how to decided when meeting are necessary, and, when they aren’t, can been the difference between your non-profit surviving or not.

So how do you avoid those unnecessary meetings and email strings that cause you to become unfocused?

How do you plan for productive meetings with potential donors that convert to new revenue?

What tools and templates should you use to land meetings with highly qualified donors over 60% of the time?

We’ll cover these questions and more in the interview with Chad Barger. Chad is current the Executive Director for the Cultural Enrichment Fund based in Harrisburg. He has an incredible track record when it comes to fundraising and running a successful non-profit.

Chad is a good person and I truly recommend you reaching out to him to see how and if he can help your organization. Below are a few helpful links mentioned during the interview.

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