Maybe physical product sales are central to your business’s daily operations; maybe you haven’t considered selling products and services at all. Regardless of your company’s situation, setting up an e-commerce site may be the most beneficial step you’ve taken in a long time, maybe ever.

E-Commerce Sites provide a low-maintenance way to make sales and boost revenue. In fact, now, more than ever, customers are looking to keep it simple…to find the products they’d normally have to physically search for from the comfort of their home or office—online.

Is an E-Commerce site right for you? Check out a few of the scenarios below for when an E-Commerce site just makes sense.

Retail Items

If you’re a retailer of any kind, with or without a physical location, an e-commerce site makes sense. Schedules are more chaotic than ever and customers are looking for convenience; they want a way to do all of their shopping in one sitting. Make it easy for them, document the items you have to sell and set up an E-Commerce site through Social HubSite today. Watch your sales sky rocket.

Services and/or Gift Cards

Perhaps you’re a service provider with less than tangible sales items. Maybe an E-Commerce site has never even crossed your mind. It’s time to think outside of the box.

Look at the services your company provides and create a pricing list (for what you can). Look up relevant stock photos and start posting. If your services revolve around custom solutions and set prices are not possible, look at offering gift cards through your E-commerce store. Whatever you decide, traffic will increase and sales may follow.

Brand Building Promotional Products

For many companies and organizations, sales are not part of your business model…but, they could be. Visit an online print shop (think and look at items to include your company’s logo on. From coffee mugs and mouse pads to t-shirts and candy wrappers, the options are endless. Encourage your clients and customers to visit your online store. With every purchase, your clients will be paying you to increase your brand’s publicity.

Handmade Items

Sites like are taking off. Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for homemade goods. But, by using popular sites, you are up against thousands of others selling similar products. With all of the competition that exists, your items may not be selling as well as they could on their own. Look into setting up your own E-Commerce site that only promotes your items. Decreasing competition will increase your sales.

Though in some situations other models may be more appropriate (check out Social HubSite’s Pay-For-Access theme for an example), many business can benefit from an E-Commerce platform. Check out Social HubSite’s theme to get started today!


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