To you, your brand offers something special; something unique that can’t be found elsewhere and that others should be interested in immediately. But, how do your customers see it? When they visit your site for the first – or the 100th time – what is their experience? How would they describe that experience to their friends?

Websites are no longer static landing pages that provide generic company information – about us, mission statement, services, and people – instead, they are social hubs that allow users to interact with brands online before any other steps happen. While the other information still matters, the brand experience is what it’s all about.

So, step back. Think about your site. Are you creating content and a social network that makes your customers want to share what you have to offer with their contacts? Are you providing the right incentives? Below are a few ideas to get you started.


One of the main incentives for searching the Internet is information. Consumers have questions and they’re likely to run an online search to find answers. With a proper, keyword-rich content strategy, you can push your brand to the top of those searches, making the odds that they land on your website for those answers higher.

Content should be created with SEO purposes in mind and on a regular basis. Regular content appeals to search engine crawlers. But, it should also be user-focused. If you post articles that are relevant to your customers, they’re more likely to share what it across the traditional social networks, especially if you allow that integration on your site.


Let’s face it, “What’s in it for me?” is still a valid and prominent question for most consumers. They want a positive brand interaction, but they also want incentives. By creating contests and sharing special offers that require sharing for entry, you’re more likely to not only spread your brand’s message, but to increase your social following and therefore your social reach.

Think of something you could offer as an incentive and build a contest around it that brings your target market to your brand. Increased incentives mean increased sharing.

Call Outs

Showing recognition is just as important online as in person. Your visitors, fans and followers (aka potential customers) want to know that they are recognized and appreciated. Make this happen and you’ll have customers for life.

Make an effort to collect testimonials and share them, (if your photo and story was on a website, wouldn’t you share it with your network?). Ask customers about their experiences with your brand and share their answers. Create a Q&A forum and answer questions as part of your blogging efforts. Welcome new visitors by name.

The possibilities are endless but the bottom line is the same: by creating a brand that’s shareable, you’ll increase your online reaching, increasing the possibility for online business and conversion…the whole point of creating a website in the first place.

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