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Bring all your committee communication into one place w/o the distractions and costs from email, real-time collaboration apps and in-person meetings.

Built specifically for committee-based organizations

Keeping everyone on the same page across all the committees that make up your organization can feel like a full-time job. Committee members have other responsibilities and distractions constantly requiring their attention. This makes it even more difficult to keep projects moving and to meet the objectives of your organization.

The good news is that Social HubSite is built specifically to overcome the challenges of managing the committees that make up your organization. Unlike “mainstream collaboration platforms” which cause distractions from a lot of unnecessary features, Social HubSite keeps your committee members engaged, accountable and organized.

One page says it all…

It all starts with the Updates page. It is one page where member across all your committees can catch up on all activity related to their involvement in your organization. The Updates page will show everything from documents that have been uploaded and edited, assigned project tasks, upcoming committee meetings or just status updates from other committee members. The goal here is to show what’s relevant to members so they can get what they need and keep moving.

Say goodbye to the cluttered mess of CC’ing your committee members

On the Updates page, Social HubSite provides committee members with a simple way to post announcements, project updates or reminders to the committees they belong to. When updates are posted they will respect the notification frequency (instant, daily or weekly notification) for each group they belong to. You’ll no longer have to worry about the hassle of sending separate emails and trying to keep up with all your conversations. Social HubSite becomes your central hub for all conversations.

Find everything you need across all your committees from one place

Your time is valuable. With Social HubSite, you no longer need to search your email to find that document, message or meeting invite. Everything you need from all your committees can be found quickly and easily from a powerful search tool. This becomes an incredible time saver as you add more documents, conversations, projects, meetings and members into your Social HubSite.

Inviting committee members is easy as pie

Kickstarting your Social HubSite doesn’t get any easier. You can either paste a list of emails or choose contacts from an address book, say your LinkedIn contacts. From there, simply customize a welcome message, choose a group to invite your new members to and your done. Members will receive an invite link where they can register for your Social HubSite. Within just a few minutes you can start to get things done with members from all your committees and groups, be more productive, get organized and feel better about the way you work. It will be like a breath of fresh air.

Cut out the clutter and stay organized with committees

Groups inside of your Social HubSite will enable you to organize communication, documents, projects, meetings and a number of other things that improve productivity and increase the chances of successful projects and better overall communication. You can set each group to have its own unique privacy setting. Make a group completely hidden (perfect for a Board Members group). Make a group Private allowing other members to request access. Make a group Public to allow everyone to join. Be default, we’ve setup an All Members group so you can hit the ground running. Groups become your life line to staying organized as you grow.

Open lines of communication with members across all your committees

An essential part to keeping all committee members on the same page is opening up direct lines of communication with each other. Social HubSite gives your members an easy way to find each other, send private messages and organize their discussions with each other, all in one place. Email will no longer be a sole source of communication between members. You will avoid the “I didn’t get that…” or “What’s John’s email again?” comments freeing you up to focus on the mission of your organization. Your committee members are going to love it.

You’ll never use another document system to collaborate with committee members

Managing documents for multiple committees across multiple document storage platforms (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), and even email, can spell disaster. Even if documents are stored there, how are members being notified with changes to your documents? Who’s managing permissions to the documents?

Social HubSite removes this anxiety by created a central “hub” for all your documents and gives you and your committee members collaborative capabilities. You can upload your own documents, import documents from popular document storage services such as Dropbox for Google Drive, or simply build your own documents with other members all from one place, your Social HubSite.

Take total control of your committee documents

Committee members are notified when documents are added and edited. They can comment and add their 2 cents to each document that they have permissions to view and edit. Document authors also have 100% control of document permissions. Keep a document to yourself. Share a document with committee members. Add documents to folders. Create your own taxonomy of documents so you can easily find them later. You won’t want to use any other document system to stay organized and get things done with your committees.

Bring sanity back to document sharing through collaborative document editing

Edit diagrams, text documents and more with other committee members. This is a game changer for committee-based organizations. No longer do you need to pass around documents worrying about which version is the right one. Documents on Social HubSite also keep version history so nobody misses a beat.

A project management tool your committee members will actually use

There is no lack of project management tools out there. The problem for most committee-based organizations is that these platforms have too many features that actually keep members from using it. Social HubSite cuts out the unnecessary aspects of managing committee projects and focuses on aspects that committee members will actually use. This means better organization and getting more done.

You can even re-assign a project to another group at any time. This supports continuity in workflow and ultimately keeps all of your committees focused on doing what’s important to drive your organization forward.

Hold committee members accountable and get them to respond through Member Check-in’s

One of the biggest challenges with committee-based organizations is holding members accountable and keeping them engaged. The good news is that Social HubSite can handle this for you, automatically. Member Check-in’s ask a question once per day or week (whichever you choose) to all members and prompts them to enter their response on the Updates page. Based on the notification frequency of your groups, these responses will then notify all appropriate committee members.

Member Check-in’s are 100% automated so you don’t have to worry about nagging committee members for updates. It also helps avoid unnecessary meetings freeing up more time to focus on what’s important. Something we all can appreciate.

Never lose track of committee meetings

Keeping track of meetings across all of your committees can give you a migraine. Avoid that migraine by simply posting meetings inside your Social HubSite. Meetings will be automatically shared with members and added to their list of meetings visible from every page of the website. You will have one place that keeps track of all your committee meetings.

Launching your Social HubSite takes less than 5 minutes

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to your Social HubSite where you’ll be greeted with a step-by-step tour of the system. The tour includes video clips along the way so there is no guessing on what to do next. Need a quick refresher on a feature? Simply click on the support guide and you’ll be able to view any one of our help videos right from within your Social HubSite. This keeps you moving and operational.

Of course, at any time, you can contact us right inside your Social HubSite with questions. Response times are typically less than 30 minutes so you aren’t kept waiting. We understanding how annoying it can be to wait 🙂

Discover why organizations use Social HubSite to stay on the same page and get work done. Here’s what they are saying…

Yep, starting at just $9/month

An unmatched value for the price

Most collaboration platforms are either priced per user or at a price that can make it hard to get approval. We’ve priced Social HubSite so you can get started without having to require budget approval and go through all the associated hoops. Use it with just a few people or your entire membership. Either way, we have you covered without breaking the bank.


Includes all features, unlimited groups, unlimited projects, unlimited meetings, unlimited documents, up to 10 members, 2GB of storage and incredibly responsive support.


Add up to 50 members and 10GB of storage.


Add up to 2K members and 100GB of storage.

A free plan is available with up to 5 members and 20MB of storage.

We are so confident that you’ll love Social HubSite right away that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

A few common questions we get asked

How is Social HubSite different from other collaboration solutions?

Social HubSite is focused 100% on delivering a collaborative experience that committee members will use. Mainstream collaboration solutions usually support one or two aspects around how committees work, but require committee members to decipher the features. We’ve found this to be the reason why nonprofits struggle to get committee members to respond and participate in these tools.


Social HubSite is continuing to evolved into a platform “designed” to get committee members to respond and participate. That’s our only focus.

What’s involved in setting up a Social HubSite?

Once you complete finish registering your Social HubSite from the form at the bottom of this page, you will be directed to a video walk through of your brand new Social HubSite. The video walk through will show you everything you need to know – for example, adding members, setting up groups, adding documents, etc.


If you have questions and need direct assistance while you are getting started, you can simply click on the blue bubble in the bottom-right corner of your Social HubSite and someone on our support team will assist you. We take support seriously and typically respond within 1 hour during business hours.

What if I need more storage or members?

If you are within the limits of our available plans, you will be able to upgrade your plan through your dashboard at any time. If you need to add members and storage beyond what we offer in our plans, you can contact us directly by visiting or through the support bubble on the bottom-right side of your Social HubSite.

Are there any long-term commitments?

No. You may cancel at any time without question. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can simply go to your Social HubSite dashboard, click on “Manage Plans” and submit a cancellation request.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

We do offer discounts for organizations with memberships with partner organizations. We are in the process of establishing additional partner relationships. If you don’t see an organization that you are a member of listed below, be sure to contact us. We’ll do our best to establish these relationships.


Partner Organizations


  • Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO)

How secure is Social HubSite?

Security is absolutely our number one priority. It’s a job that’s never done. We have several security layers behind Social HubSite to keep your data backed up, safe and secure.

Here are a few points regarding security:

  • Network firewalls are setup designed to protect against unauthorized access to your data
  • All information passed through your Social HubSite is encrypted assuring that your membership information and data is kept safe and secure
  • Prevention against unauthorized administrative access to only authorized user accounts
  • We have both manual (human) and automated systems in place to monitor flag unusual activity
  • Through the Amazon Web Services hosting environment, we are able to prevent threats, such as unauthorized login attempts, in order to keep your community running smoothly and secure at all times

These are just a few of many security measure we have have setup and maintain on a daily basis. If you have any specific questions regarding the security of Social HubSite and your data, please feel free to contact us directly.

We are ready to support you every step of the way

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