You’ve done the work. You’ve put time into developing your new website and have worked with your Social HubSite advisor to be sure everything is in working order. Most importantly, you’re happy with what you have to show the world. It’s time to make it happen; it’s time to launch your website. What now?

Your website launch is the way you start promoting your website to potential clients, fans and brand ambassadors. It’s your online start. Below are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Web Components of a Website Launch

To start your launch, you need potential visitors to be able to find you in the first place.  Below are a few necessary components.

  • A landing page:

Your landing page should create a problem or address a problem your visitors may face and provide a solution (your product or service) in the first paragraph. Keep it simple and to the point. From there, add a few detailed paragraphs as well as a graphic (think screen shot?) that explains what you have to offer. Close with a call to action (a phone number, a contact form, an e-mail address, a scheduling tool, etc), that will lead your visitors to your site and/or to what you have to share.

  • Blog Posts

Make sure your site has an adequate number of blog posts to not look brand new (even though it is okay that you are!). Create blog posts that are valuable and provide useful information. Address popular news topics (and keyword optimize to be sure you’re searchable), provide how-to’s and get creative.


One of the most important aspects of a website launch is taking the time to connect with your target audience where they are (without relying on them to find you). Use your e-mail lists and reach out. Send an e-newsletter that announces your site (and then make your e-mail newsletter a regular part of your outreach). Let them know about your product and what information they’ll be able to find on your new site. If you have a sale to make, offer a discount code to those already on your list to thank them for being a valued customer. E-mail is critical to a successful site launch.

Take it Viral

Something so many organizations forget when creating or launching a website? The potential for allowing what they have to offer to go viral. To do this, social media integration is paramount.

Find ways to link your site to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social HubSite offers various tools that make this possible. Encourage your followers to share your site and offer incentives (like a contest) to encourage that.

If you’re ready to take your site to the next level, Social HubSite is here to partner with you in the process. Talk to your advisor today!

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