Online discussions are important. They allow individuals from various demographics, locations and backgrounds to connect and share information over a similar topic, interest or area. However the traditional discussion board model comes inherent with limitations that prevent online discussions from being all they could be.

Solo Network Model = Limited Participants

Traditional discussion boards are hosted by specific social media sites, platforms or programs. They’re set up with the purpose of encouraging topic-oriented discussions.

While these boards are generally created with the purpose of creating active dialogues that demonstrate differing views and opinions. When using a single-network discussion board, the participants are naturally limited as they’re all coming from the same background, the same source.

Lack of Variety = Stagnant Discussion

Because the variety of participants is limited in the traditional discussion board model, discussions are negatively affected. Topics and views may lean unnaturally in one direction or another. Or, something worse could happen: the discussion could become stagnant.

Stagnant discussion thwarts your purpose as a board moderator. It challenges the very reason for which you started the discussion in the first place and prevents the topic from stemming into other topics, other discussion. In the world of social media, stagnant discussion is a board breaker.

Little Chance of Going Viral

If your reason for starting a discussion board is to grow exponentially while spreading a message to a larger public, the reasoning above makes it clear that the chance of your message going viral is slim.

However, there is an answer: social message boards.

Social message boards don’t follow the solo network rule; they branch out by allowing users to share the discussion across multiple social networks. Because of the sharing options, variety comes naturally.

Easy sharing leads to easy growth, vibrant discussion and viral potential. If any of these is a goal, a social discussion board is the perfect option. Check one out today.

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