Managing your associations social media just got easier

As an association, you know that managing the way you engage, share and connect with members is NOT an easy task. You have to not only decide what to share, but how to share it, when to share it, who to share it with, etc. Social media has provided you with more ways to reach members, but now your work load has at least quadrupled. The additional time needed to manage all of these environments makes it even harder to focus on content creation. Well, today that changes.

Today we are very proud to announce a brand new feature that will allow you to control all of your social networking sites right from your Social HubSite. So now not only will you have a branded online community for your association that you control (i.e. your Social HubSite), but can push and pull content from your social networking accounts all from one place. This combination offers a one-two punch to make sure members receive your posts and start engaging. Otherwise your posts might get lost in the ever-growing sea of social network posts.

Post directly to your social networks and online community in one shot

  • Posts are instantly added to the social networks you choose
  • Continue to associate posts with people and groups (respecting email notifications) from your Social HubSite
  • Share rich media content (offered from Social HubSite) to your social networks

Pull content from social media directly into your Social HubSite


This feature will truly turn your Social HubSite into a social “hub”. You can decide the social networks you want to have content automatically pulled from. You can pull from all of the major social media outlets including:

  • Facebook (Pages and Wall)
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • RSS Feeds – perfect for importing content from other sites/blogs
  • Foursquare
  • Tumblr
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud
  • Flickr

Connecting with social networks is extremely easy fbpage

In order to setup the feature to push and pull from social networks all you need to do is click on the social network button from your profile, choose your options (e.g. which Facebook Pages you want to import), and save your changes.

Note: The option to connect social networks is only available for administrators. This assures that social media posts are only pulled from the ones you choose.

As with any Social HubSite feature, this is truly optional for you to setup. This supports the methodology of making sure Social HubSite is an online community platform that YOU control in order to improve membership communication, increase membership value and increase revenue opportunities.

If you are a current Social HubSite client, your Community Advisor will be in touch over the next week to discuss this feature and offer to help set it up for you. If you are not currently a Social HubSite client, consider requesting a free trial. One of our trained Community Advisors will make sure your Social HubSite becomes one the biggest assets to your association.

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