Associations face a major problem when it comes to growth. Limited time and limited resources. Software can help augment tasks to save time, but when you start using multiple systems to get things done it can get expensive and can actually take more time to manage. Think about importing and exporting your member database from one system to another.

Once you have data sitting in a few places, that data needs to be updated, thus creating more time to manage. This causes you to focus less on the tasks that actually drive your association forward. For example, the content of your campaigns and creating deeper connections with members to understand their needs.

The good news is you can start overcoming these challenges through marketing automation. You can let humans be humans and let technology be technology. The key ingredient behind marketing automation is how all of the software behind your processes work together and remove the need for repetitive, time consuming tasks that would otherwise be required.

The video will go over exactly what marketing automation is and what it means for your association. It will give you a solid framework to approach how you work as an association. How you are thinking about driving, not just running, your association. Enjoy!

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