Think about your social media clients. What industries do they cover? What industries do you reach out to in your marketing efforts? Which industries do you write off as far as needing social media solutions? When reflecting on these questions…where do medical professionals fall?

Chances are, they need just as much social media support (if not more) as your other clients.

They’re busy. They don’t have time to be internet savvy or develop online relationships. Many of them write off the internet all together. But, they are always in need of new clients and they deal with multiple patients on a regular basis who are just as busy as the medical professionals themselves.

The answer? A social networking platform that caters to their needs.

The  keys here are to evaluate their real needs, and to think realistically.

Do they have an efficient way to share information? To produce blogs (or video blogs) that provide background information that could be helpful to their patients? If not, a video blogging platform may be most logical.

What are their patients like? Are they on the go and in need of an easy appointment setting program? In this case, an interactive appointment calendar that allows patients to book and reschedule appointments as needed and sends out reminders (this saves office staff hours a day in some cases).

Think about medical providers and even physical therapists and podiatrists. Some medical professionals sell products that are not covered by insurance…products that mean patients must make an extra trip to the office to purchase (which could lower sales potential in the long-run). If this pertains to one of your clients, an e-commerce site may be applicable.

Think outside the box…it’s something we believe is crucial to the success of any social media professional. Your clients in the medical profession will thank you!

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