How do you keep your membership active? How do you manage who’s in, who’s out and what’s coming next?

If you’re like most associations, it all starts with your membership management system. Before the digital revolution, associations were responsible for keeping books, for tracking everything by hand, for calling members and sending letters when appropriate. It all took time.

But then, technology caught up, and answered the needs of membership associations. Centralized systems became available that were, and still are, critical to daily functions. Communication became easier, sorting and tracking member activities were simplified. Life moved on.

What Else Could You Need?

To understand why membership management systems are just the beginning, it’s important to understand what they’re designed for.

Membership management systems are in place to make daily functioning easier…to simplify all of the activities that used to take exponentially longer, and to keep those functions in a single, centralized location.

This is where I want to be sure to add that they are IMPORTANT and NECESSARY for most membership associations! Membership management systems are what allow organizations to save time, to save money and to make daily functioning simple and straightforward.

What membership management systems struggle to accomplish (as they should…each system should be the best in a single area!) is pushing organizations forward, driving missions to the next level.

That’s What We’re Here For

To reiterate the point – member management systems are important, critical for everyday functions in most situations.

But, sometimes something extra is needed, something that integrates with your membership management system while providing essential tools for moving to the next level.

Member collaboration platforms – like Social HubSite – allow for:

  • Improved member communication,
  • Increased visible member value,
  • Increased revenue growth opportunities, and more.


Once you gather your members, especially your key members and member groups, committees and so on, you have a starting point – your membership management system likely made this possible.

But, then, it’s time to get down to business, to push forward. Task management and project planning become more important than other. Instant communication without “reply-by-all” email issues and confusion are needed to streamline processes without waiting for the next board meeting or networking event. Real conversation is needed to allow association employees to connect with and empower members, to work together for the greater good.

Functions that make this possible include:

  • Task management assignment capabilities,
  • Surveys,
  • Q&As,
  • Social networking tools,
  • Course creation,
  • Live conferencing and more.

Starting to Get the Picture?

Is it starting to come together?

If not, let’s break it down once more:

Membership management systems help smooth day-to-day processes, providing much needed management and insight to what helps associations function on a basic, critical level.

Membership collaboration platforms help members and employees work together, talk, touch base, connect and interact; they provide a means for accomplishing tasks, for pushing membership functions forward.

Membership management systems keep you focused and running, Social HubSite – a membership collaboration platform – takes you higher and farther than before. We thoroughly believe in this; it’s why we partner with several management systems to make interaction seamless and simple.

Membership associations are important, they allow for networking opportunities, professional growth and accomplishing great things by funding research, helping those who need it most and more; each membership association has a different goal, but each is valuable in one way or another.

If you are a part of an association, you get it. You know the value your association brings to your members; you know your mission and what you would quantify as a “success,” in accomplishing it. You put time, research and money into systems that make it all possible.

What if your membership management system was just the beginning, an important piece of your association’s puzzle? But, what if there was something more? Something to complete that puzzle, something to help your association take off, to empower members, to aid in group functionality and more?

We’re here. We’re ready for you. We’re ready to integrate with your existing systems to seamless functionality and unlimited potential. Are you ready? Get started today.

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