Take a look at your browsing history. What sites show up regularly? News sites? Weather sites? Blogs?

Now, step back. Think.

What do most of them have in common? They run on WordPress using templates you probably have access to with your Social HubSite account (or at least similar templates!).

In fact, according to a recently published WordPress case study, even BBC America runs on a WordPress template. BBC credits WordPress with streamlining their posting process, eliminating unneeded processes and even with improving overall work flow within the company. This left them (according to Senior Product Development Manager David Anderson) with the ability to focus on solid content creation more than tedious logistics.

Could you benefit in a similar way? Probably.

WordPress allows users to streamline and automate processes while creating clean, appealing sites that often rank well on search sites and make visitor experiences positive. What company could not use this change?

Whether you’re just starting out, or working on a platform that doesn’t fit in with your budget, time line or needs in general, it’s worth checking out.

Large companies and small time bloggers can benefit from easy to change and update site templates. Maybe you need a little support to get started or to transfer your files? In that case, Social HubSite’s proactive support team can provide assistance and answer questions to make your transfer a smooth one.

Take a lead from the sites you regularly visit. There’s a reason they take advantage of what WordPress templates have to offer! Visit today to get started!

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