NUCA of Pennsylvania

A success story on improving member communication.


The National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (NUCA of PA) is an association made up not only of utility contractors, but also a government relationship committee, safety committee, affiliate members and associate members. The challenge they faced before using Social HubSite was reaching out to members to make them aware of timely information that members needed to act on, updates on progress with government relations and many other areas.

Since most of their members are out in the field, reaching them sole through email became extremely difficult and less effective. It required several more hours of staff time directly reaching members, sharing information and manual follow up from a limited staff to make sure members took action.


To overcome the challenges of reaching members and engaging them, NUCA of PA approached Social HubSite to find a solution. After initial discussions to find their pain points, a Social HubSite Community Advisor helped them configure their Social HubSite in a way that would make it extremely easy for the Executive Director, Brenda Reigle, to share information (e.g. documents, videos, status updates, etc.) with specific groups (e.g. Safety Committee, etc.) not only via email, but also through mobile push notifications. Because of the timeliness of information, each group was configured to send instant notifications thus reaching members out in the field much faster than before.


brenda_testimonial_pageSocial HubSite has transformed the way our association communicates and interacts. Through the email, mobile notifications and group features, we are able to reach the different segments of our association easier, more effectively and in a timely manner.

Through the help of the Social HubSite Community Advisor of properly configuring the Social HubSite, Brenda has seen a significant increase in the responsiveness and overall engagement from members. The gasification (reward badging system) feature was also turned on and configured to reward members for their participation on the Social HubSite giving members a sense of belonging and simply making participation an enjoyable experience. Members are rewarded for actions such as logging in, posting comments, sharing ideas and connecting with other members.

Members have reported feeling more comfortable responding and sharing inside of their Social HubSite because it is private and exclusive to members of the associations. They also reported that they would rather communicate inside of the Social HubSite instead of a group on a large social network because of it’s simplicity, purpose, and the fact that everything is configured specifically for them.

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