All new initiatives can come with some form of frustration, this is especially true when it comes to trying to get your members – even key players – involved in a new online community or with a new product.

It makes sense.

People are busy. They have a lot to do, and over the past few years, they’ve probably felt as though they’ve had to learn hundreds of new systems and processes, from new technology to social media networks and even the way they pay their bills; it feels like everything is changing. It’s bound to cause some frustration.

So, when you launch a new product or platform, like Social HubSite, or are thinking about launching, you may face – or worry that you’ll face – a little bit of resistance. You’ve probably seen it happen before.

There’s a surefire way to prevent this, a critical step that can prevent it from happening. But, we’ll get to that in a bit.

First, Consider how Social HubSite is Different

Before we go into the one step you might be missing out on that could increase your member usage rates or adoption of Social HubSite, it’s important to understand why the platform is different.

Other tools that you use – for emails, for member retention, for communication, for project management – are important, they all serve specific purposes that help your association become everything that it’s meant to be.

But…they all stand alone.

In working to their best ability and potential, they require a little extra time and effort on the user’s end. It takes time to understand how a new program works, it takes practice before acceptance can take hold. It takes effort and a willingness to do a little extra, especially in the beginning, for the product to work the way it’s meant to work.

Social HubSite is different. It’s designed to integrate and work with your existing tools, especially your membership management platforms, to simplify the way your committees – and association as a whole – work. So, while there is a learning curve involved, like all programs, it’s one that aids in what you already do, instead of adding to it.

Make Sense? Great. Moving on. You’re one step away from success.

one step meme

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to the point at hand. What’s the one step you might be overlooking that could increase the chance that your members will participate with Social HubSite from day one? The answer might be simpler than you’re expecting.

What programs are you most likely to use, to take the time to learn? Probably the ones that are most important to your daily functioning. If you can’t live without something, you’re going to be more willing to use it.

Why not turn Social HubSite into the one thing your members can’t live without?

Once again – it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Think about the things that you use to communicate with your committee members – and the tools that they need to make the most of their memberships.

Where do you store them? Is there a centralized file folder that they have access to? A social media folder inside a private group? An email that’s sent when they sign up for a specific committee or for membership in general? Maybe it’s a combination of these and other answers.

For most member groups, there’s a set of information, of current events, of upcoming events and of critical documents that they need in order to accomplish what they’re hoping to accomplish within your association.

What if that information could only be found in one place? What if that place was inside your Social HubSite?

By making an effort to upload important, critical documents and information to your Social HubSite – and nowhere else – you’ll be setting your members up for success, along with your Social HubSite. Over time, as those members become accustomed to logging into your community, it’ll become a part of their routine, which is essential for platform and program adoption.

It’ll take a little effort on your end, a change in how you currently carry out your information sharing routine, but, the potential payoff will make it worth your while.

When your members have to access your Social HubSite to get the information they need, they’ll grow in their knowledge of the platform. Over time, they’ll start to become familiar with other tools and features available to them. They’ll learn about the way it can integrate with other tools that are already in use and they’ll become excited. It’s all a part of the process!

That’s it. It can be that easy. If you’re wondering what it will take to get your members actively involved with your Social HubSite, you need to facilitate it.

Ready to take the plunge? Ready to simplify communication, project management and other functions of your committees and member groups? Launch your free Social HubSite today.


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