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Social networking is the number one activity online. Whether to relax, share updates, connect with friends, find new business connections or to be entertained, the majority of online time is spent on social media sites. Why? It’s about the connection, but it’s also about having a voice.

You customers want to be able to share what matters to them, and to be sure they are heard. Does this affect your company? Yes; in ways you never would have thought possible.

See, when someone has an experience to share, whether positive or negative, physical word of mouth and closed letters to companies to discuss the situation have gone by the wayside. People have learned that they have a voice, and in many cases, that voice has a larger impact than most brands have ever thought possible.

Consider this, the average American has 500- 600 friends on Facebook, 200-300 on Twitter. A comment has the potential to reach 900 (on a low estimate) with a single click. And that’s a minimum, not accounting for statuses that are “shared” or “liked.” Considering the average user has 40 likes per day, and those likes are shared with the friends and followers of each of the “likers,” statuses can reach an exponential number of people within a few hours or even minutes.

Think about how this could affect your brand. If a customer or client has an experience that’s positive and shares it on a social media site, great! You could receive wonderful recognition. But, consider the opposite. Think about online forums and review sites. The majority are from individuals expressing negative experiences and sentiments. They are upset and frustrated. Lacking a way to share that frustration, they take it to the airways. Your brand could have negative online sentiment circulating without you even knowing about it, especially if you lack a social media presence.

The Online Sentiment Solution

It sounds simple, and it is; creating a branded online community is the best way to not only monitor your online sentiment, but to confront it head on while working on turning it around and making it positive.

By creating a branded social community, you’re giving your customers a chance to share their experiences in a way that allows you to better monitor what’s being said, and to respond, while still giving them the opportunity to go public. It’s a win-win, and chances are high that if a community of this sort exists, it is the first place comments will be shared, giving you the opportunity to make it right, publically.

If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor online brand sentiment, while allowing your customers the freedom of sharing that they so desire, consider an online branded social community today. Not sure where to start? Contact Social HubSite; we’re here to help you meet your objectives of engaging, sharing and connecting with your community.

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