In order to set your company’s efforts apart from your competition, branding is a must. As a professional, you understand this and are probably constantly looking for ways to improve and grow your brand.

Branding is just as important in the social media realm as it is in real life. Here are a few ways to build on your current branding efforts.

1-      Customize, Customize, Customize

You know that customization is important. Being able to brand every single material you create is critical for expansion. The same goes with social media. Taking the time to ensure that every webpage your customers, clients or even potential clients visit is branded with your logo and color scheme is a necessity.

When this step is forgotten, confusion can arise (which is the last thing you want). Having conflicting or even multiple brands on one page can short-circuit your branding efforts in a hurry.  Take the time to look at your web pages (on your site and your social media sites). Are they completely customized to your brand? Do they display your logo and corresponding images, colors, etc. prominently? If not, look at what may be required to make that happen and go for it.

2-      Control the News, Bend Thought Patterns

Use every opportunity possible to direct your followers back to your company and your products and/or services. Scan the news, set up news alerts (this can be done for free through services provided by Google).

Think of how stories could be relevant to your business and your target audience. Share the stories in posts with commentary making the link between the two. By doing this regularly, you’re audience will naturally begin to think of your company even when not on your site (think: driving in cars, watching the news, shopping, etc.). If your customers are thinking of you even when you’re not telling them to, you’re doing something right.

3. Create a Community of Brand Ambassadors

Ultimately, you want your brand to speak for itself through your community. This means creating brand ambassadors is absolutely necessary. But, how do you accomplish this?

First of all, post helpful information regularly. Share links that may be of interest, promote products that relate to the industries your customers work in, even if it doesn’t relate to your business directly. If you’ve followed the steps outlined above (specifically pertaining to customization), they will all work together.

Encourage your followers to share your posts through their own social media accounts. Ask for feedback and take the time to recognize those that make a difference. Thank people for referrals, call out those who bring in new blog followers (when possible).

By taking the time to engage your network and to show that their opinions matter, you’ll be creating a community of brand ambassadors…this means your brand will go places without you…which leads to long term growth and success.

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