Pine Street Presbyterian Church is a mid-sized church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With a congregation of approximately 250-300 individuals of a mostly-older demographic, the church was looking for  a way to branch out into the community while deepening internal engagement. They were looking for ways to effectively communicate who they were, where they were going and what they were all about.

The church approached Social HubSite to create a web presence that engaged various demographics, allowed for real, deep conversation (something frequently avoided on traditional social media sites, specifically as it pertains to religious subjects), communicated church events and happenings and directed users back to the church’s website and eventually into the physical doors.

In keeping with our tradition of creating custom Social HubSite solutions as needed, we went to work creating a custom social network-based theme. was the result.

From the start, all church members with e-mail addresses were imported into Pine Street’s Social HubSite and seminars were held to introduce the mostly-aging congregation to the concept. But, the church went farther. Associate Pastor Alex Lang ended each weekly sermon with a question to be discussed on the site throughout the week…these questions encouraged regular visits and gave members a chance to voice their opinions in a safe, private forum. Additionally, posts like “Ask Alex Anything” were encouraged.

Features like an e-mail newsletter campaign to reach non-regular Social HubSite visitors were enabled as well as a custom event tool to communicate church events and announcements. This tool automatically updated the church website while sending invitations and reminders to all users. By using these features the communication of events and announcements—a normally arduous task became a simple, single-step process.

To meet the challenge of increasing web traffic to Pine Street’s actual website, many posts linked back; the objective was met.

Many other objectives were met and surpassed as well. Pine Street’s website traffic has tripled from the inception of a custom Social HubSite. 30 percent of the church’s attendees regularly sign into and participate in Social HubSite discussion.

Pastor Alex Lang is more than pleased with He has seen an increase of questions and a deepening of overall engagement and attendee relationships.

Social HubSite is able to develop custom solutions to meet the needs of various organizations and individuals. If your company is looking for a custom, strategic online community solution, contact Social HubSite today!


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