New to Social HubSite’s Hub Club? Looking for ways to enhance your social media service offerings? Social HubSites are one way to grow your business quickly.

From e-commerce platforms to private online communities and other branded communities, Social HubSite has a variety of platforms that will help give your social media business a boost. But, how do you go about using your Hub Club membership to your advantage? How do you promote what you have to offer?

Use the Name

Social HubSite is rapidly becoming a trusted Social Media authority. Users understand that our brand exists to help build communities that serve a specific purpose. Use this to your advantage.

As a Hub Club member, you’re able to use Social HubSite’s brand on your own site. Show that you’re an authorized reseller and share this with your clients at every opportunity. Social HubSite gives your service an advantage that could set you apart from your competitors.

Learn the Platforms

If your clients aren’t familiar with online communities but are in need of a specific platform, take the time to learn about and try out each of Social HubSite’s platform offerings.

By knowing what’s available in advance, you could serve as an invaluable resource to your clients. Know the ins and outs of each so you’re able to answer questions as they come up. By becoming an expert, your clients will trust the knowledge and advice you have to share.

Reach Out Individually

Reaching out can be difficult; this is true of any business and every market. People are bombarded daily with sales offerings and other mass e-mails that are as far from personal as possible. Stand out.

Start with your current contact list and reach out individually. Offer suggestions for platforms based on what you see. Could one client benefit from a feedback platform? Maybe a video blog? Think creatively. Chances are the majority of your current mailing list could benefit from one platform or another. This means your current social media business has serious potential for growth!

Think of Forums

While reaching out individually is absolutely critical, there are other ways to share your message.

Start with LinkedIn and run internet searches. Look for forums and bloggers that discuss social media options or revolve around a certain topic (e-sellers, customer service professionals, etc.). Think of the platform that could best benefit this group. Post a message. Contact the administrator or blogger. Spread the product that you’re able to sell with your Hub Club membership. Reaching out on a mass level may benefit you greatly.

Case Studies Matter

From your first success story onward, take the time to compile a case study and gather a testimonial for your efforts.

By documenting the details of each client, you’re not only keeping it fresh in your own mind, you’re making it easier to share. Make it interesting, take screen shots and get quotes. Then, use an above technique and share with a specific market or reach out individually.

None of these methods is meant to be used on its own. Instead, come up with a method that combines various tactics and see what works for you. One thing is certain—you have the right product for all of your clients, it’s just a matter of helping them understand the need.

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