We’ve covered questions to ask your potential social media clients. But, what about questions they may ask you? Have you thought about how to position yourself as one of the thought leaders in your field? This side of the equation is just as important as the other.

Take a look at a few of the tips below and get started today. Your business may depend on it!

Create a Kit

First and foremost, before meeting with any prospective client, you should have a go-to set of materials that provide information your clients may not even think to ask about.

Materials to include in your kit (which can be electronic or physical):

  • Case studies
  • A Bio Sheet
  • Client Testimonials
  • Contact Information for Clients Willing to Vouch For You
  • Social Media Fact Sheet
  • An Intro Letter

Taking the time to compile information like this shows you’re a serious professional who’s passionate about what you do. Being prepared assures potential clients that you’ll take their project seriously and go out of your way to make their endeavor a success. Create a kit today!

Provide Valuable Information

By becoming a field expert, you position yourself as the go-to person when someone has a social media question or concern.

Use your HubSite and the e-mail marketing tools within it to accomplish this task. Create newsletters that go out to your entire mailing list (not just current clients). This reminds past clients of your services and shows future clients that you know what you’re doing and that you care about their social media needs.

Think about industry news, tips for success and general “what’s new?” topics. By creating regular content, you’ll be the first person many people call when they need a professional.

Give Honest Answers

When that first meeting takes place, be prepared. Most of all, be honest.

Be prepared to answer questions about your previous projects, timelines, your own background and everything else imaginable. In the same way that you’ll be asking your own questions, your potential clients will be interviewing you to be sure you’re the best candidate for the job.

Relax, be personable and be honest. With that formula you cant go wrong.

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