Running a company is never easy…making that company a success can be even more of a challenge.

That challenge is amplified when employees work remotely or at various offices, plants or general locations. Staying in contact, completing tasks on specific deadlines and understanding each employee’s role can be difficult when employees are not all together.

However, working remotely or from various offices can also increase productivity when the correct tools are in place, like those found in group collaboration software.

Shared Calendar

In order for collaborative business to be a success, each team member must have an understanding of other team members’ roles and schedules. This is not possible without a shared calendar.

The group calendar must share project deadlines, meetings, micro-task dates and calls. These are available with Social HubSite’s Private Group Collaboration platform. Color-coding makes the calendar easier than ever to understand and increases your team’s potential for productivity exponentially.

Project Management Tools

If your business works with various clients, project management tools that are simple are most effective.  Popular project management software is often accompanied by clutter or limitations that prevent you from working at the highest level of productivity.

Social HubSite’s Private Group Collaboration platform allows users to assign various tasks within large projects to different team members. Space for specifications and details is provided and reports provide completion dates and project updates. Using a project management platform just got easier than ever.

File Sharing

Working remotely can be virtually impossible without file sharing options. Being able to send, share and even edit files as a group cuts down on face/call times and increases your company’s potential for growth without clogging your inbox.

Taking the time to make sure your employees understand the importance of sharing group documents is a key to remote group collaboration.

Working remotely (traditionally seen as an obstacle to business) can be a way to grow as a team and increase overall productivity. However, for this to be true, the right tools must be in place to ensure connectivity and sharing potential.


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