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The evolution of the Internet has brought about countless changes, especially related to the way that people share information online. What began as a slow email process changed into an instant system of messages and even online phone calls to make communication more efficient. What started as a way to email large attachments and files became file sharing, cloud storage and even photo posting (with editing capabilities built in!). The bottom line is that the Internet has made communicating easier than ever.

This means that the ability for a brand to communicate with their target markets has also increased ten-fold. Gone are the days of throwing information out there blindly through mass mailings and printed coupons and hoping that enough people catch on to make the cost worth it. Instead, cost-efficient methods of targeted communication and engagement have become the norm. This is where rich media comes into play.

What is Rich Media?

Rich media refers to a broad range of digital, interactive media that can be downloaded or embedded in a webpage or message…it exhibits dynamic motion like a streaming video or even a stock ticker or RSS feed on a website.

To Social HubSite, rich media refers to instant communication sharing through podcasts, video blogs and more.

Why Does it Matter to Me?

You understand the feeling that time is a more precious commodity than ever before for your customers because that’s how it is for you as well. You don’t have time to sit down and read a 10 page white paper to gather the information you’re looking for. Instead, taking a few seconds to watch a video or allowing a podcast to take place while you sort through your morning emails is more your style. It’s no different for your target market.

Your members are looking for a way to find the information they need with as little effort as possible. This doesn’t indicate laziness, instead, it indicates a strong understanding of the value of time and time management. If you’re not finding ways to pass information quickly and efficiently, you’ll lose the interest of potential customers and clients in no time.

Integrating Rich Media into Your Social Efforts

“That’s great,” you might be thinking…”but how does it pertain to me?” Think about it. Content matters. We touch on that subject time and time again. Becoming a resource by providing your customers and potential customers with the information they’re looking for in a proactive, regular manner is one of the best ways to generate leads while staying in touch with existing clients.

Furthermore, study after study has demonstrated the importance of online connections. More than ever, individuals are searching the web for brands that they feel like they understand, that they connect with.

By taking the time to incorporate a few video blogs or live podcasts into your current content scheme, you’ll literally be letting your target market get to know your voice and to see your personality first hand while still providing valuable information that they’re searching for.

Social HubSite understands the value of rich media options. We build them into our platforms and encourage our members to take advantage of them. We believe that rich media adds a level of online connection that is unmatchable.

Want to learn more about rich media options? Contact us today to get started!

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