In a world of connections, clients and customers want to know they’re valued…that what they have to say matters. With modern social media technology bridging that gap between large corporations and everyday consumers, connections matter and adequate responses matter even more.


Sharing is important to today’s consumers. They want to share ideas, to give feedback and to know they’re being heard. Not only do they want to share with other consumers, they want to share with the brands they use on a regular basis.


Sharing builds connections when done properly. When a consumer is asked for ideas (whether for future products, for process improvement or for anything else), they feel a part of something bigger; they feel a sense of connection.

But, for sharing to build bridges, it must have a few specific characteristics:

  • It must be fast and simple. Who wants to take the time to handwrite a suggestion, figure out postage and hope a message goes through? A few clicks and keystrokes is all it should take.
  • Responses are a must. If a customer shares an idea and hears nothing, why would they bother to share an idea again?
  • It must be regular. Customers must know that when one idea isn’t used, a future idea might be. Consistently requesting customer ideas and feedback makes the process a habit…which is exactly what you want your business to be known for.


Gathering customer ideas should never be solely done as a publicity stunt. Sure, it’s a great way to build your brand and to establish your company as one that cares about consumers. But, it should be seen as more than that.

Take your customers’ ideas to heart. Use them to better your brand…allow yourself to think outside of the box, even when an idea might seem like something that belongs way out in left field. Maybe an idea might lead to a new path you’d never considered following in the past. Whatever the case, use your consumers’ ideas as a way to be more.


Using an Idea and Feedback Community like the platform offered by Social HubSite gives your company endless possibilities to make the process exciting and beneficial. The platform allows you to streamline your idea gathering process as it relates to customers and fans.

A few creative techniques for gathering and sharing ideas include:

  • Create a survey, allowing customers to vote and share responses with other customers and followers.
  • Set up contests for users where each idea counts as an entry for whatever prize you see fit.
  • Send messages to all members for your community to share company news, announce new ideas needed and more.
  • Share posts that demonstrate ways you’ve implemented other followers’ ideas—news stories and case studies go a long way.

Whatever you decide, make idea gathering and feedback collection a regular part of your company’s operations process and overall strategy. It will boost your customer engagement level, expand your business’s potential and set the groundwork for future growth.

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