We have news. Big news. As an association or non-profit director or manager, this is going to change the way you connect with your committees like nothing has before. Are you ready?

We’re pleased to announce that, going forward, Social HubSite – a one-of-a-kind social engagement and publishing platform –  will provide free accounts to non-profit associations and organizations. That’s right…free.

Supported and used by multiple well-known associations, including the Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations (PANO), the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA), the National Utility Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (NUCA), The ARC of Dauphin County and others, we designed Social HubSite with non-profits in mind.

Our platform, specifically intended to ease communication between association committee members, allows for easy document sharing, instant communication with groups, project management capabilities and more. This key blend of essential community management and publishing tools cannot be found elsewhere.

Social HubSite is a product of Phase 2 Solutions, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania company founded in 2005. Our founder, Jason Verdelli, searched for years for a way to provide for the greater good by way of non-profits and other associations that give back. When his searches fell short, he set out on his own, designing Social HubSite from scratch.

“There’s just nothing else out there like it. One of the biggest hurdles facing associations today is committee management and engagement,” he explained. “Committees are the driving force behind most associations; they’re comprised of the most active members and they’re able to work for real change when they have the right tools at their disposal. That’s what Social HubSite makes possible,” he continued.

To date, associations have been able to achieve measurable results, including an increase in conference attendance, successful lobbying campaigns, hosting member votes and centralized document storage by utilizing the tools available within the platform.

Put simply, Social HubSite is the solution most associations have been searching for, and now, it’s available free of charge for the first time ever. Interested in learning more, trying a demo or signing up? The time to act is now!

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