More than ever, customers are pulled in many directions. From real life chaos to online distractions, customers and clients forced to make choices between hundreds of options on a regular, ongoing basis.

This is also true as it pertains to social media. So many platforms and sites exist that it can be difficult to know where to turn. Equally as difficult is the decision you as a business owner or employee must make in which mediums to utilize on a regular basis to make the biggest impact as possible on your clients and customers.

In cases like this, the best option you, as a professional, can offer is a resource center that pulls from all of your social media feeds to present all of the information you have to offer in a single site—a site free from distractions: a Social Hub.

One Question

Your online social media activities should all center around one question: if your customers have 5 minutes to spend online…where are they going?

You obviously want this answer to be either to your website or one of your social media pages. But, as discussed above, with the distractions that exist on traditional social media sites, the chances of that happening are less likely than ever.

Even if a customer or potential client signs onto a traditional site like Facebook with the intention of visiting your business’s page, a friend’s status, another company’s photo, a private message or even a special offer from a competitor may pull them in a different direction. This is the last thing you want.

Traditional Sites Are Still Important

Just because a client may be pulled in a different direction doesn’t mean you should abandon the traditional sites. It’s still important to use them. While this may seem contradictory to the previous discussion, it’ll all come together. Just keep reading.

Social media sites offer a way to share information rapidly, to provide relevant information, to share videos and to connect in a way that just wasn’t possible before the evolution of the modern internet. The features these sites allow businesses to utilize provide excellent content to generate publicity that is mostly free.

It’s About Consolidating

So, if the question about where your customers are spending their time is of the utmost importance, and traditional social media sites are still helpful, only one logical solution exists (as previously mentioned): a central location that automatically pulls information from these sites into a single site. This is now possible with Social HubSite’s Social Hub platform.

The Social Hub platform automatically pulls your company’s social media activities into one page. Inside this page, visitors are able to watch YouTube videos, view Facebook status updates and Tweets, even check Pinterest Pins and FourSquare check-ins.

Providing a consolidated Hub of information that features only your company’s activity is critical for long-term success. A central hub not only provides an excellent branding tool, it demonstrates to your clients, customers and potential business interests that their time matters to you…that you value convenience and want to make it easy for them to find information. A break from the online clutter like a centralized hub is hard to find elsewhere, and will usually be viewed as a refreshing break from online chaos.

Take the time today to set up an online social media hub. Consolidating your social media activities puts your business ahead of your competitors and provides a value to your customers that can be difficult to find elsewhere.


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