Without an online presence coupled with a social media strategy, businesses of today will struggle. If you’re new to the scene, you may not have noticed this trend, however, in the next year it’s predicted that the success of a company will be directly linked with their online efforts.

It’s a simple concept tied to two realities. People are constantly on the go (and looking for information while they’re at it) and people are looking for connections…for opportunities to engage. If a brand is not able to respond to these needs, a disconnect that could directly affect sales outcomes is likely.

The Statistics

According to Maximize Social Media, sales are directly linked to social media efforts in the following ways and for the following reasons:

  • Each month there are 10.3 billion Google searches.
  • 78% of shoppers research products online before making a purchase.
  • 57% of customers are acquired through company blogs (linked to social networks).

It’s clear that without a solid social media strategy, brands will fail to reach a large percentage of potential customers.

The Answer

Where do you start? What does a successful social media campaign start with? It’s simple: centralization.

By creating a centralized, interactive company blog that links back to the company site and out to social media sites, brands are able to simplify the seemingly complex social media process. It’s about creating information that is useful, informative and regularly available.

Social HubSite has built our product around this concept. If you’re ready to reach out in new ways, and to target a market that may be unreachable otherwise, it’s time to get started. Sign up for our free trial and create your social blog today. Your business could depend upon it!


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