To become the best social media professional you can be—with or without the help of Social HubSite’s platforms—knowing your clients and their needs are critical.

In fact, to provide the best solution recommendations possible, there should be a standard set of questions that you ask all of your clients at the start of your business relationships.

Below are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Tell me about what you do.

Sure, you may work with many clients from the same industry who do similar work. However, hearing from your clients how they perceive what they do is important. Perhaps they have a different approach from others in their industry, a different passion or goal. Knowing this and adapting keeps your relationship on track.

2. What specific results are you trying to achieve?

By understanding what your clients’ goals are, you’re able to help them achieve them. Perhaps they’re looking to increase brand awareness or sales, gain more followers, become a trusted source of information or otherwise. Knowing these assists in your ability to make correct platform and strategy recommendations.

3. How much time are you able to dedicate to your social media efforts?

Sure, 6 platforms may be right for your client and may help them achieve their goals. But, are they going to be able to put forth the time to make those platforms successful? Social media tactics must be realistic and your clients must be willing to adjust based on what they can fit into their schedule and prioritize.

Knowing this information up front allows you to create the best social media strategy possible from the start, thereby helping your clients reach their goals while establishing yourself as a solid, trusted social media professional.

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