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What started as a site to connect college students on one campus to their classmates has grown into something far, far more. It’s become a part of our culture, a part of the majority of online users’ everyday action and interaction…something more important than many other norms, habits or even thoughts. It’s become who we are.

Social HubSite believes that this power can be harnessed by brands and individuals to engage entire communities around specific thoughts, ideas or actions. It’s why we created the platform that we did…it’s why we try to demonstrate the power of social media on a regular basis.

But, we think it’s important to cement how we feel about online social networking with fact – with proven statistics from real studies and reports. For this reason, we stay current on existing and on-going research and reports.

Useful Social Media and Unmetric recently released the results of a study that surveyed executives from across the world to find out how social media impacts their operations. Ken Makovsky from Forbes analyzed some of the results. They are as follows:

  • Hub and spoke social media styles (with one site serving as a hub that reaches out to the other sites – like Social HubSite) is the most popular, effective social media marketing style for corporations across the world.
  • Social media consultants and experts are no longer the bottom of the totem pole. 18% of them report directly to the company’s CEO.
  • 56% of corporations use social media to gauge customer interest and trends.
  • 60% of companies, even large corporations, have less than $10,000 to invest in social media annually.

The bottom line? Social media is important for effective business outreach and operations, it has become the center of many operations and it must be done in an affordable, understandable manner.

While this is not surprising, the facts make it more clear: if your company is not engaged in social media, you’re missing out. Finding a central location to connect with customers, potential customers and other businesses is essential for successful operations and long-term growth. This is where Social HubSite comes into play. By allowing members to create a site that links to traditional social media sites, with all the functionality and features needed to connect with customers and to engage on a regular basis, our platform serves as an efficient hub, a centralized location for social media marketing.

If you’re ready to watch the power of social media transform your company, contact us today.

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