SEO matters. If you haven’t realized that yet, you could be missing out on some serious website traffic.

But, have you thought of the type of content that performs best as far as SEO marketing is concerned? So often, web designers rely on site content and traditional link-building, when that may not matter as much as social content.

Social content is quickly rising as far as web traffic and organic search traffic is concerned. As illustrated below, companies who utilize social sharing strategies notice a 44 percent increase in traffic over those who do not.

This doesn’t meant that traditional content creation (landing pages, etc.) does not matter – 92 percent of online marketers feel it does – but, that enhancing your efforts by incorporating social sharing strategies increases overall search rankings. These rankings matter. By the numbers, 50 percent of online consumers are more likely to visit a site if it appears multiple times in search results, and 61 percent are more likely to visit if that site offers custom content.

To put it simply, content and social content matter. They’re linked in today’s world of online marketing and SEO tactics and to stay on top, you must revisit and revise your strategy on a regular basis. Check out the infographic from Brafton below.

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