We all understand the need for social websites. The ability to connect and engage your target community by reaching them where they are through a medium that interests them is important. It’s why social networks have become the most popular way to spend time online; the trend is only growing and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

But, have you put time into the way you’ll create a social website that connects with the more traditional networks? Into the processes behind what you want to create? What about where you’ll find the right tools to reach the maximum number of people? When you start to dive into the necessities, chances are you’ll find the process to be complicated, confusing and frustrating.

It doesn’t have to be. Social HubSite understands the importance of having all of the tools you need at a price point that makes sense, preventing a simple web project from becoming a thousands of dollars endeavor that only needs more time, money and energy over time.

Social Integrations

Creating a website that allows your brand to connect with your target market requires social tools. Email marketing integrations, proposal software, social sharing tools that integrate with other networks, messaging options and more are all a critical part of the process.

But, they all cost money. Finding a theme that fits your vision along with the downloads to make it function the way you want gets costly. Because of this, a system that includes everything under one membership plan is the way to go. Look into your options before jumping into a website creator that only provides a theme to get you started…the expenses will pile up in no time.

A Focus on Social Connections

When thinking about what you want your social website to accomplish, focus on your priorities. Chances are you’re hoping to engage your community while spreading brand awareness. Creating a site that cuts through the clutter and spreads your message is key, which means social connections are a must-have.

Think about how you’ll build these connections including ways to increase sharing potential (allowing your content to be shared across networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more), increase interest and trust in your brand and increase loyalty.

Ways to make this happen include:

  • A consistent, ongoing blogging/content effort.
  • Linking content to an e-mail blast mechanism.
  • Reaching out to customers personally.
  • Sharing special offers that are only available to your fans and followers.
  • Posting news and information on your social website before going public.
  • Offering incentives for loyal followers and those that share your site, and more.

The options are limitless but the underlying theme to all of them is simplicity. Keep it simple, keep your message clear and stay consistent. You’ll have the social website you dreamed of in no time.

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