You finally have a direction. You’ve decided to design websites for a living. Congratulations.

Whether this is a new thought or you’ve been considering it for awhile, there’s probably something holding you back: logistics. How will you be able to find a cost effective way to design websites for a broad variety of clients? There is a solution.

Become a Social HubSite Reseller

By signing up as a Social HubSite reseller, you’ll be able to create multiple websites for a single monthly fee. This includes service, plugins, templates and more.

The advantages of become a reseller are endless. But, they include:

  • A built-in billing and payment gateway.
  • The ability to build multiple websites on our server (no host fees).
  • A dedicated account advisor to answer questions and provide support.
  • Starting a complete business with little overhead.
  • A unique messaging experience that allows you to message your clients within Social HubSite’s dashboard.
  • The ability to grant editing privileges to clients, and many more.

Take Advantage of Our Products

If you’ve already used Social HubSite to create your site, or have seen the benefits we offer, you already know that we offer hundreds of themes and plug-ins. Why is this significant?

It means that you’re able to use different templates to meet each of your clients’ needs. You’re able to create unique, individualized tools that allow your customers to meet their objectives (without paying individually for each plug-in and tool).

Our products take the guess work out of designing. They set you up for success as an independent web designer.

Use Your Advisor for Guidance

We’ve all been there. Your web design is going smoothly. Everything seems to be falling into place. Then it changes, you hit a wall and you have no idea what to do next. As you try different options frustration mounts and you’re not sure what your next move should be.

Now, imagine having an advisor to answer your questions. To message you through your own website, to be able to look at what you’re doing and make suggestions (or help clear up the mess altogether). It’s possible (and affordable!). All Social HubSite resellers have this ability.

Our advisors are able to provide guidance to make your design process smooth and manageable, leaving you with satisfied customers and saving you time.

If you’re looking to start a web design business, there’s never been a better time. Check out the benefits available to Social HubSite resellers and get started today!

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