diversity-1-695069-mThink about the idea behind your association. It exists because there is a demand for a community that has a particular focus and connects members around a particular profession, industry, interest, or mission. Now, think about the idea behind a community. The word ‘community’ gives you a sense of togetherness in a common goal. The combination of these two aspects, is what gives the lifeline of an association – its members.

Where would an association be without its members? A membership association exists because there is a market to build that sense of community. The emphasis on membership engagement is key. In recent years, engagement has become an important aspect for associations. The idea is that the more engaged a member is, the more value is derived from those membership dues. This helps to encourage the community aspect of facilitating interaction and collaboration and also to help promote and enhance the purpose of the association itself.

The benefit of a social networking platform such as Social Hubsite is that it allows your organization to take control of the way your members engage, share, and connect with each other…in one central location. Having all of the focus of membership engagement in one platform, allows for more ease in your connections. Since Social Hubsite is a private platform, it can be tailored to your specific organization and keeps the community feel in your engagement.

Social Hubsite features include:

  • Blogging – in order to share important news and resources
  • Social Networking – allow members to connect with one another
  • Publishing Tools – share videos, audio recordings, and links
  • Event Management – invite members to conferences and webinars
  • Privacy – your organization has 100% control of privacy options

With these tools in one place, the engagement with your members will be simple and easy. Click here to sign up for a free trial and see ways that Social Hubsite can benefit your association. You can start for free and one of our team members will help you along the way to make sure your private online community is up and running successfully so you can start seeing the benefits.

If you have questions or need help in getting your Social HubSite off the ground for your association, please feel free to contact us.

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