The Arc of Dauphin County

A success story on improving member communication.


The Arc of Dauphin County, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is an organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life and community integration for individuals with special needs. A large part of how they communicate and get things done is through their board, volunteers and committees.

Before Social HubSite, their communication internally with these various groups was scattered. Sharing of important documents took place through an FTP site. This forced communication around documents to take place via email and became fragmented causing participation from the various groups to decline.

Another big problem stemmed from the lack of a central point of communication. Communication with volunteers relied heavily on email and third party solutions. Promotion of fundraising events relied almost solely on email and traditional outreach. This caused a major increase in workflow management and overall cost devoted to these efforts.


In an effort to combat these issues, marketing and events coordinator Laurie Eckenrode, found out about Social HubSite. Through the live demonstration process she was able to share her pain points with a Social HubSite community advisor.

From there, her Social HubSite community advisor worked with her establish a strategy to not only setup and configure the Social HubSite with the proper features, but also to help Laurie with properly communicating the transition from the old way of communication (FTP site, email, etc.) to using Social HubSite.

One of the ways her Social HubSite community advisor helped was by setting up integrations with their current website. For example, adding a login button to the top of This created one central access point for board members, volunteers and committees.

Laurie’s Social HubSite community advisor also helped customize the design and functions of Social HubSite so members only saw relevant items. For example, board members can login and see meeting minutes, budget documents, etc. They can also create discussions around these documents to help clear up any questions before upcoming meetings.


Laurie Eckenrode
Social HubSite de-clutters the way we communicate with our board, volunteers and donors

Because of the way Social HubSite was integrated into the Arc of Dauphin County’s website and process, communication and engagement between members of the various groups has increase significantly. Board members report how easy it is to access the documents they need without the headache remembering where everything is, or sorting through their email to find what they need.

Laurie’s administrative tasks associated with internal communication, events and marketing have decreased by 5-10 hours per week. She no longer relies on email marketing software to communicate with board members, volunteers and committee members. She can now communicate what she needs to with a few taps on her phone.

The right setup, customization and support from her Social HubSite community advisor help assure that the community not only serves as a better way to communicate, but gives everyone surrounding their organization a voice to support their mission.

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