Execupay Licensee Association

A success story on increasing membership value.


The Execupay Licensee Association is comprised of licensees of Execupay, a software for payroll professionals. A key aspect of the association is collaboration from members to vote on new software feature suggestions, share reports, ask/answer questions and to discuss other issues.

Before Social HubSite, managing all of these aspects became challenging considering that most web platforms only handled one or a few aspects of what they needed (e.g. documenting feature suggestions, managing questions, user group forums, sharing documents, etc.).

The other problem they faced, being a small association, is handling member registrations and simply managing communication with members. Most association management software programs had too many features that would’ve been underutilized and most programs focused on member management and not collaboration. Not to mention, most association management software programs just aren’t feasible for a small association.


In search of one system to handle all of the collaboration aspects required in one place, Lilie Donahue – Director of Execupay Licensee Association, heard about Social HubSite. She spoke with a Social HubSite Community Advisor to share some of the complexities required to handle collaboration with Execupay Licensee members.

The Community Advisor worked with Lilie during her trial to activate and configure all of the necessary Social HubSite integrations (e.g. feature suggestion voting, document sharing, user group forums, etc.). This took out the guess work and frustration that Lilie would’ve otherwise dealt with herself.

The Community Advisor also helped Lilie import members and setup groups so the new community could be launched and members could start collaborating in less than a week.


lilie_testimonial_pageSocial HubSite gives us one central place to gather ideas, share documents and connect without the costs and time associated with jumping from one system to another. Social HubSite brings it all together for our association.

The Execupay Licensee Association uses the custom domain mapping feature to use as their community address. They eliminated the need for a separate association website and all of the different web apps required to do what their Social HubSite does for a fraction of the cost.

The association uses the membership integration to handle registrations and manage renewals. The flexible privacy features make certain pages open to the public (e.g. About page, member registration, etc.) and other pages private to members. Also, the ideation integration that was activated ties directly to member notifications making it possible to get feedback and votes on new feature suggestions in real-time.

Overall, the community is a success. Lilie continues to work with her dedicated Social HubSite Community Advisor to manage the Social HubSite and to take away any of the guess work. Members love having just one place to interact, share and connect with each other.

The goal of improving communication with all member groups, keeping collaboration centralized and increasing membership value is now a reality.

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