Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association

A success story on increasing member engagement.


The Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA) has 2 conferences (spring and fall) throughout the year. These conferences offer excellent educational and networking opportunities for members. PBBA noticed a trending decline in attendance to their conferences starting in 2013. The only method of marketing the conferences used before was through their email marketing software.

Response rates for conference invitations dropped. This didn’t come as a surprise considering that the organization only sent a series of emails for conferences 2 times per year. In order to increase attendance, members needed to become closer and more engage with the association. To make a real connection. Membership value needed to be consistent, not just 2 times per year.


PBBA approached Social HubSite looking for a way to engage members privately through the year, send conference invitations, manage RSVP’s, communicate with attendees before each event and simply to increase membership value in a budget-conscious way.

A Social HubSite Community Advisor helped PBBA launch their new Social HubSite and worked with the President of the association, Eric Smith, to stir up conversation from members and share rich content (e.g. videos, links, documents, etc.) that members found valuable.

Since Social HubSite handled all of the email and mobile notifications instantly, members engaged in conversations within minutes.


eric_testimonial_pageNow that we have Social HubSite, member engagement has increased significantly, It’s a form of social networking that members can understand as it brings context to the discussions being shared.

The mixture of coaching efforts and direct assistance from the Social HubSite Community Advisor and the integrated set of features within the Social HubSite platform helped improve not only the communication between the association and its members, but also the culture of the association.

Members reported enjoying the ease to contact other members, receiving shorter bits of content more regularly making it easier to digest. Members also expressed the convenience of having everything they need to collaborate with the association wherever they are in the world.

PBBA’s conference attendance increased by over 150%. They added an associate member as the main sponsor of their Social HubSite completely underwriting any associated cost. Member engagement takes place several times a week which as led to an increase in membership value. Not to mention it is a huge selling point now for the association for attracting new members (both business brokers and affiliate members).

Overall, PBBA has advanced their mission and ultimately gained loyal members.

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