Released by Transformation Marketing, the latest research shows positive statistics for businesses. In fact, the majority of businesses across the country – 60% –  have caught on to the idea that blogging is not just a passing trend, it’s something valuable, something that’s here to stay.

Look at the numbers across the top of the graphic, 329 million people take the time to regularly read blog posts. They follow the brands they’re interested in and they are interested in the information that is shared. Furthermore, blogs receive 400 thousand comments a day. Not only are online visitors interested in the information being shared, they’re engaging with the stories that are of interest to them. They’re attentive, they’re devoted and they’re willing to put the time into responding. Powerful? More so than many brands realize.

Engagement is what matters. It’s what makes the difference between a conversion and a bounce. It’s the reason blog readers are willing to share certain posts with their networks…people are looking for ways to plug into the brands they’re interested in…to become a part of something bigger.

With that knowledge, the next statistic is surprising. 65% of businesses with blogs have not updated in a year or more. Here’s what an inactive blog says to a potential visitor:

  • We don’t have time to update our blog, do you think we’ll have time for you?
  • We are not interested in sharing information that matters to our readers, will we take interest in your needs as our customer or client?
  • We don’t value the feedback of our visitors.
  • We are not interested in interacting more than we have to.
  • We’re not looking to become a trusted source of information, we’d rather focus on other business operations.

In an online world focused on sharing and connecting, do any of these statements sound positive…at all? Absolutely not. Positive branding matters. Connecting with your community matters. Social HubSite believes that blogging on a regular basis makes this possible. Setting up a social blog with sharing and interactive capabilities makes it successful.

Ready to get started on a blog for your business? Or, looking to breathe life into a forgotten blogging campaign of the past? Your chance is now. Contact Social HubSite today to get started.

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