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Your board members are busy people. Depending on schedules, and how many members sit on your board, getting all new members together at the same time can be a challenge. That’s why taking your board orientation online could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Why Your Online Community is a Perfect Fit

Here’s the thing. We designed Social HubSite to be the perfect solution for associations looking to further engage members, to promote benefits and to enhance their offerings. We designed it for you.

One of the features that stands out for situations like this is our grouping feature. Administrators – or association managers – can create groups that are public and groups that are private, which are great for board members. Discussions can be held in private, documents can be shared privately and important votes can happen, without the general membership having to be involved. Because of these features, it makes sense that your board orientation could take place within your Social HubSite.

Making it Happen

The following features may or may not be a part of your orientation process. If you have yet to create an orientation, now is the time to start. A board orientation lets new board members know about their responsibilities and what’s expected, it also brings existing board members onto the same page and creates a forward momentum that is essential for associations to experience growth.

Consider the following features to make your online board orientation a success:

Set a Calendar Reminder

An online orientation doesn’t mean that people can show up when they want and complete it at different times (though it could if you’d prefer). By setting a calendar reminder, you can ensure that your new members are present and ready to go.

Welcome Discussion

Start a welcome discussion once you see that all members are present. Introduce yourself and ask all members to do the same. Ask for details like their professions and how long they’ve been in the industry – or have been interested in your hobby if you’re a recreational association. Allow personalities to shine through and for connections to be built.

Post a Background Document

Post a document that shares the history of your organization. Ask members to refer to it and open up your forum for any questions. Remember, the more your board members are familiar with your association’s history, the more likely they are to make decisions with its best interest in mind.

Present All Responsibilities

Your board members have key responsibilities. By posting these as a document, asking members to review them and leaving them up inside of your private group, you can ensure that members understand them and are able to refer back to them at any point in the future.

Fill Members in on Current Issues

Board members make key decisions regarding the future of your organization. If they don’t understand current issues and what your association is currently facing, they’ll be unable to do so in the manner you desire. Open up a discussion for current board members to give an over view on current issues and events and keep the conversation flowing.

Review your Strategic Plan

Most associations have a strategic plan for the next year, three years or even five years. Take the time to review this – and to make it available in document form – inside of your private board group.

Encourage Questions

At the end of your orientation, open up the conversation for discussion. Encourage new members to ask questions and be patient in your responses. Becoming a board member of any association, regardless of size, is a big responsibility. Your job is to make it less overwhelming and more productive. Answering questions is one way to make this happen.

A board orientation doesn’t have to be a large social function that costs thousands of dollars. Instead, it can be done inside of your Social HubSite. Haven’t launched your community yet? There’s no better time than now! Have questions? Ask away! We’re here to provide the support you need to move forward.

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