You understand the importance of having an E-Commerce site, and the features to utilize to make it a success. But, have you considered your sales strategy? The way you’ll reach out to past and potential customers? Take a look at the few tactics below and give them a try today!


With Christmas around the corner, it might seem obvious. But, other holidays are important as well. Be creative and think of promotions that might be pertinent to specific holidays (25 Days of Christmas sales, 14 percent off for Valentine’s Day, Veteran discounts on Veteran’s Day, etc).

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box…what about a discount for Secretary day? Or discounts on pink items during October for Breast Cancer awareness? The options are literally endless. Utilize the big holidays, but embrace the abnormal; you’ll have fewer competitors!


Think of news trends, fashion trends, what’s popular on Pinterest. Trends matter, they’re at the forefront of your consumers’ minds. Use them to your advantage.

By taking advantage of trends and promoting your products appropriately, you’re doing more than offering great deals. You’re showing your customers that you’re current and that you care about what matters to them.

Individual Life Events

Start a survey if you have not done so and gather your customer’s information. Birthdays, children’s birthdays, anniversaries, even pet birthdays (if they could be at all relevant to your products). Send out special offers to help your customers celebrate.

Personalizing your offers once again shows you care for your customers and the important events in their lives.


Use special offers and targeted marketing to increase your consumer base. It’s a given that you’ll ask customers for referrals, but, have you thought of rewarding them? Think about offering something special (a discount, free shipping, a free item, etc.) when one of their referrals makes a purchase. Because you’re gaining a new customer, the offer is worth your time.

Come Back Discounts

A long-lost customer doesn’t need to be a “never again” customer. Be sure to reach out if a customer hasn’t logged in or made a purchase for a certain amount of time. (The amount of time that is appropriate depends on your company…3 months? 6 months? Your call). Let them know you miss their business and offer them something special to return.


Whatever sales tactics you decide to utilize have the potential to be effective. Just remember, be creative and keep your focus on what’s important to your customers. Your business will benefit if you do.

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